Tips to Store Your Canoe The Right Way – Canoe Maintenance

It is a challenge to store canoes as they take up a lot of space, but even then, you should make it a priority to store your canoe correctly. Keeping your canoe in proper storage will ensure it is undamaged and in good shape.

Where to Store Your Canoe

An excellent place to consider storing your canoe in is somewhere that has minimal exposure to moisture, sunlight, extreme heat, and extreme cold. You will have to store the canoe indoors or outdoors.

  • Indoors: Keeping your canoe indoors is the best for your canoe since it will be protected from the elements that would harm the canoe.
  • Outdoors: Storing a canoe indoors may not be possible for some people. For those who can’t store it indoors, you can keep it somewhere with a roof and then cover it up with a tarp.

How to Store Your Canoe

How to Store Your Canoe
How to Store Your Canoe

You shouldn’t store your boat directly on the ground or floor since it will damage the hull plus dirt and moisture will be in contact with the boat. So you should use a rack or a suspension system if you want to store your canoe the best way.

Tips for Storing Your Canoe

  • Clean your canoe before storing it: When you’re going to store your canoe, make sure you wash it thoroughly with fresh water. Keep in mind that you have to clean the rudder and its cables as well as the foot braces. It’s worth it to wash the canoe with a mix of water and soap a few times every year. Do not use strong chemicals and solvents since it will damage the canoe. Before you store the canoe, make sure it’s dry and free of moisture.
  • Keep the weight evenly distributed: The hulls of your canoe will deform over time if the weight is not distributed evenly. Support the weight of the canoe when you store it by using nylon straps or padded cradles. Make sure they match the hull’s curvature.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure: When you’re strapping down your canoe, make sure you don’t do it too tight like when you’re moving it around on top of your car. Applying too much pressure for too long will cause the body of the canoe to morph.
  • Use a UV protection spray: You can use a UV protection spray which you can apply to the boat’s hull to keep it protected for harmful UV light.
  • Make sure to remember your accessories: It is vital to care for your accessories as they are also important. When storing your canoe for an extended period, remove your accessories from the canoe, wash them with fresh water, dry them, and, if you can, store the accessories indoors.
  • Don’t make it too hard to access: If your canoe is too hard to access, then you won’t want to use it. So be sure that you keep the canoe easy for you to access.

Protecting Your Canoe from Thieves

  1. Here are some tips to keep your canoe safe from theft:
  2. Hide your canoe from view the best you can
  3. Put your canoe in a place where it’s hard to grab and escape quickly
  4. Lock your vehicle to a post or something sturdy and robust with a cable lock