Stand Up Paddleboarding Is A Sport For Everyone

Stand up paddleboarding is becoming very popular not just among the athletes but amongst other people as well because the versatility is just great. Everyone can practice this sport and does not matter what is your level of skills in doing sport. You can train yourself physically and have fun at the same time. Stand up paddleboarding makes all your body to be active but it does not require any specific preparation.

However, with a little bit of practice, everyone can master stand up paddleboarding. The significant advantage is that you can practice this sport in every season. When you will get more familiar with this, you will not get wet at all. Like a cross-country skiing, you move your whole body continuously. The legs keep the balance, the upper body stabilizes, and your hands do the paddling. This sport has positive effects on the whole body. But it is not all. The unusual position gives the athlete an entirely new perspective on himself and his surroundings. So, you can enjoy nature from an entirely new perspective because the view changes significantly.

Wind and Flow Challenges

The risk of injuring yourself while standing-up paddling is low but you still have to be focused. If you cannot keep your balance, you are going to fall into the water. The main challenges of paddling are strong wind and water flow. Therefore, advanced stand-up paddlers are using leashes while swimming in lakes or seas. This connection between a board and a paddler prevents a board from being driven off if you fall into the water. When paddling is done in a river, this leash is not used because it could be stuck around trees or stones and create a dangerous situation for a paddler.

The Generation of Selfies Loves It

Stand up paddleboarding has become a mainstream activity. In any body of water, you can spot people standing on boards and rowing. This sport has become an integral part of summer. You can learn it quickly, easily, and it is super fun. However, some critics say that stand up paddleboarding is just for people who want to pretend to be surfers but are too lazy to practice it for a long time. That fits perfectly for the young generation that is documenting everything and doing selfies everywhere. On the other hand, the surf instructors are happy about this trend as it gives them many new customers.

From Tahiti With Love

The history of stand up paddleboarding has not started with surfing as many people are thinking. It all has started much earlier when the Polynesian fishermen from Tahiti have invented this style of boarding and fishing centuries ago. In Asia, the upsidedown bamboo rafts are still using today. In Hawaii, this kind of rowing is also known for a long time and it was called a sport of kings. Now times have changed dramatically, so today stand up paddleboarding is going to be a mass sport.

From Tahiti With Love
From Tahiti With Love