How to Rescue A Fellow Buddy on A Canoe

When you’re out canoeing in optimal conditions, a capsize is still possible. An experienced canoe paddler will always have a chance of capsizing. You could do a wet exit if you’re overturned, but a buddy rescue is another choice you have of recovering from a capsize. You’ll have to learn how to be a rescuer as well as a swimmer so that you can do it correctly. If you want to know how you can perform the buddy rescue, follow the steps provided below.

What To Do First When Capsized

If the brace stroke fails, you and your buddy need to take a deep breath as you perform the following steps. The swimmer will have to do a wet exit. Then the rescuer has to paddle to the overturned boat’s front side. The rescuer’s canoe needs to be positioned so that it is perpendicular to the capsized canoes bow.

How To Get A Capsized Canoe Upright

What you want to do is get rid of all the water in the capsized canoe and fix its orientation so that it’s back upright. The swimmer needs to get to the back of the capsized canoe, and pop up as they push down on the overturned canoe’s back. At the same time, the rescuer will have to carry and move the capsized boat’s bow. Then, they place the bow onto their canoe that is right in front of them. The two of them will have to slide the capsized canoe so that its cockpit will be close to the other canoe’s hull. Then they will have to rock the capsized canoe so that the water drains. The capsized canoe will then get flipped over and get set back onto the water.

How To Get The Canoes Repositioned

The rescuer and the swimmer need a stable platform, so that’s what you’re going to get. The rescuer needs their canoe to be positioned parallel to the canoe that was recently flipped over. The rescuer’s canoe’s bow has to be beside the flipped over canoe’s stern. Then the swimmer’s paddles are put into the deck of the canoe. The rescuer needs to keep hold of both of the canoes, while they’re both leaning inward slightly.

How To Get The Swimmer Back On The Canoe

The swimmer will need to get out of the water and in the cockpit of the canoe. The first thing they’ll need to do is grab the deck lines on the cockpit’s far side. But if they’re too far or not there in the first place, the swimmer can hold onto the coaming on the cockpit’s far side. The swimmer will need to kick to get back onto the boat. Doing a dolphin kick while having their legs together is the best way to do it. To stay balanced, they’ll need to remain low. The swimmer will need to get their legs out the water then slide them back in the cockpit. They will have to orient themselves slowly, and then get into sitting position. The rescuer releases the canoe while the swimmer uses a sponge or bilge pump to get rid of the remaining water in the canoe. The swimmer will have to get the spray skirt attached again, while the rescuer hands the swimmer their paddle. Once that’s all done, both of them can continue on their journey.