Choosing the Right Car Top Mounts for Canoes

Canoeing is a popular activity in areas like Canada and Victoria. It requires a single-bladed paddle with which a person steers and accelerates a vessel. It can be steered with two or more people and sometimes alone. However, canoes are known to be especially heavy and cumbersome to travel with since they carry benches and require more stability. The size makes canoes very large and inefficient to carry when traveling large distances. Fortunately, there are new products in the market that are designed specifically for situations such as this. Roof racks and car mounts are widely appreciated in the modern age due to the growth in marketing and manufacturing of large products. Trailers are also known to play a big part in the carrying of large and oversized products. However, car mounts are known to be usually more efficient in carrying large vessels such as canoes and paddles. Many forms of racks and blocks can be used to attach and transport canoes and other more heavy and cumbersome products.

Roof Mounts

As one of the more popular attachments that a person can use to secure a canoe, roof racks are known to fit any car. They can be rather complicated to install but, they are known for their long-lasting durability and versatility. Roof racks are stable and secure; plus, they can carry many other products other than just canoes. They can hold furniture, luggage, and other large packages. Many roof rack systems utilize two horizontal bars and four vertical bars which can easily accommodate many types and sizes of gear.

Factory Roof Racks

They are similar to standard roof racks. However, they are added on by default in new cars. An unfortunate side to this addition is that you may require a universal adaptor to utilize this set of roof racks. Although most factory added roof racks include a universal adapter alongside the car and its maintenance kit, it does no harm to check whether it is functional before using it. This helps you decide whether that you may require a new universal adaptor for your roof racks.

Factory Roof Racks
Factory Roof Racks

Foam Blocks

Also known for being a temporary fix to the carrier issue, foam blocks are particularly inexpensive and are easy to obtain and assemble. This car mount can hold your canoe down with the force of nylon straps which are provided with a kit. There are two different settings to using foam blocks for traveling with a canoe. Some foam blocks attach to a roof rack where they act as a mount, while single-bladed ones are designed to fit between the canoe and the roof. The whole foam block system is designed to be held in place by the help of two or three nylon straps. These nylon straps can be fastened in two different ways. They can either attach to your pre-existing roof rack or they can circle into the inside of the car and attach to the top from the inside.