Around The World By Kayak

Around The World By Kayak

Many people understand a relaxing holiday as lying on the beach for a week and enjoying the advantages of a great hotel. But kayak fans are looking for adventure. You can take your sport passion with you on your travels and try out numerous locations worldwide. These not only offer the opportunity to get to know new things but also […]

Stand Up Paddleboarding Is A Sport For Everyone

Stand Up Paddleboarding Is A Sport For Everyone

Stand up paddleboarding is becoming very popular not just among the athletes but amongst other people as well because the versatility is just great. Everyone can practice this sport and does not matter what is your level of skills in doing sport. You can train yourself physically and have fun at the same time. Stand up paddleboarding makes all your […]

How to Rescue A Fellow Buddy on A Canoe

When you’re out canoeing in optimal conditions, a capsize is still possible. An experienced canoe paddler will always have a chance of capsizing. You could do a wet exit if you’re overturned, but a buddy rescue is another choice you have of recovering from a capsize. You’ll have to learn how to be a rescuer as well as a swimmer […]

What to Wear When You Canoe in Freezing Cold Water

The type of clothing you’ll have to wear when you go canoeing is similar to the clothing you wear when going hiking. When you canoe, you’re going to be moving quite a bit. The type of clothing you need has to be comfortable, durable, and versatile. It will also have to give you enough protection from extreme cold and wet […]

Tips to Travelling with and Carrying a Canoe

Canoe trips sure are enjoyable, but the tough part of this adventure is transporting your canoe otherwise known as portaging. There is a need to learn safe portaging ways so that you can transfer the boat into a secure and appropriate place. Learning proper portaging techniques will help in ensuring your trip to float your canoe is a pleasant one. […]

Safety on The Water When Canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing are both similar activities. They are widely practiced and are known to be one of the most exciting activities to do with the family. Canoeing and kayaking are for those who like the thrill and adventure. It allows a person to discover their patient self and also caters to the quiet and nature-loving side of an individual. […]

Essential Canoeing Gear

Canoeing is a great sport, one that is both physically exerting yet scenic and beautiful. There are few key pieces of equipment that are necessary for a fun and safe trip. First you should make sure you have the correct canoe, and it is worth remembering that there are different canoes for different purposes. In other words, a canoe used […]