Canoeing Adventures – Preparation Tips for Overnight Experiences

Canoeing is a beautiful sport to participate in; it can be both recreational and competitive. The recreational version of canoeing is known to be incredibly relaxing and serene. However, if you are a thrill seeker, competitive canoeing is your best option. This version of canoeing will make sure your heart jumps into your throat and stays there. With thrilling curves and rough patches along the way, this sport is among the top dangerous in the world. Every move you make while canoeing may be your last as you race through dangerous drops and ever rapids that are riddled with submerged secrets waiting to knock you into the water.

Holidays at a river area can turn out in different ways; either way, they are good experiences and should be paired with canoeing and other water sports. However, it’s the preparation that is the main problem in this case. If you are journeying with kids or family friends, it is essential that you involve everyone with planning. The planning of any trip is bound to get anyone stressed and tense; in these situations, it is essential that you stay at hand on the task and focus on what you have to do next.


When you are going for a trip, ensure to check which route you are going to have to take and where you have to take it. Make sure to decide where your destination is so that you know precisely where you will be staying and what activities to plan for your holiday. Planning an overnight kayaking or canoeing trip is relatively easy as there are not that many aspects to consider. The only things you need to worry about while on this trip is the weather, where you are going to sleep, condiments and amenities that you may need and of course a river or lake to canoe in.

An important aspect that many individuals forget to notice is that the more time that you have, the better. If you rush to your destination after some last-minute choices can have a severe impact on your schedule and may cause disappointment among others. So, to avoid this sort of conflict, ensure that all preparations and decisions are made at least one week before leaving on your holiday.

The Things You Need to Prepare

After deciding on the venue and the routes, it is vital that you find and secure any gear that you may need. There have been many circumstances of people leaving behind pieces of equipment by mistake. This causes many issues as they are sometimes important pieces. So, to ensure that this sort of situation takes place, make sure to buy spares of any canoeing equipment that are likely to become lost. Going through a checklist before leaving and at the resting stop will help in ensuring that nothing is missing or lost. When going canoeing or participating in any water sports, having a life jacket or a PFD is a necessity, this will help in saving your life, in the instance that you get carried away while canoeing.