Best canoeing trips

Anyone can buy a canoe, head to a body of water and paddle away to their heart’s content, soaking in the scenery, enjoying the peace, and perhaps challenging themselves in the process. That is the beauty of canoeing. Amateur and serious canoeists alike are always on the lookout for the perfect canoeing destination. Be it…

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Type of canoe

The word canoe covers a whole host of different vessel as there are several different types of canoe on the market today. Canoes come in many shapes and sizes depending on what their purpose is to be. Some canoes of the modern world are a combination of two or more designs so they can be…

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All about the canoe

Canoes have been used all over the world for approximately 10,000 years as man took to the water to discover new lands. The word canoe comes from the Carib kenu, meaning dugout. The oldest known canoe is the Pesse canoe, which was found in the Netherlands and constructed around 8200 and 7600 BC. There have…

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