A Guide to Better Canoeing

Canoeing is an invigorating sport that not only has a tranquilizing effect but brings you closer to nature and is great for your body. Canoeing is an ancient transportation that was mainly used in North America over 6000 years ago. It was a wonderful innovation that allowed for the countries natives to around travel by water. In that time, they were literally cut down trees that were dug out and hollowed. They were called ‘kenu’ back then (see how the word canoe came to be). Canoeing was mainly used to fuel to the fur trade. Nowadays it is a serene activity used to discover the winding aqueducts of this world.

In order thoroughly enjoy this beautiful ancient activity you must adhere to modern safety standards. One standard includes have the best gear. Nowadays we don’t canoe in dug out trees by there is high tech equipment that provides a great canoeing experience while keeping you safe. Always purchase your canoe from an accredited store. There are many canoes available to buy online but buying it in person at a sports store ensures that you get the best quality canoe that is accredited by the authorities. Also purchase your helmet and life jacket at the same time. This will prevent you from becoming impatient and going on an excursion without them on. It is vital you wear a helmet and jacket in the event of the canoe tipping over. The helmet will protect your skull from the rocks that may be present in the water and the life jacket will of course keep you a float.

Before you go exploring the waterways always alert a family member or friend the exact water way and route you plan on taking. If there are water authorities in the area also alert them before you embark on your travels. In the event of an emergency whether it be you are lost or your fall out of your canoe the authorities will know the area to look for you.

Once you have ensured your safety is covered you can begin to look for the best place near home and abroad to canoe and explore. The best part of canoeing is that you explore the waterways of the world that you cannot explore in any other situation.

South Americas Amazon River is a hotspot for canoeing. It is always advised to go with a tour guide as the waters can be confusing and you wouldn’t want to be lost in the Amazon! Apart from the perils and dangers the Amazon River is a scenic place where you can easily see the wildlife that is otherwise hard to see on foot in the jungle itself.

Dugout canoe ride at Sacha Lodge, an Amazon Rainforest lodge near Coca in Euador, South America

Botswana is another place not considered by many as a great canoeing location. The Okavango Delta is the worlds largest inland delta. The Okavango River is an UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the many fauna that thrive there. From cheetahs to hyenas you can spot the safari animals without the risk of being chased (lol).